“The Red Market” by Scott Carney

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Publish date: 2011       Number of pages: 254


Red Markets : (noun) any economic system or economy that trades primarily in human flesh or human beings.

Buying and selling human bodies is fundamentally different than any other sort of commerce. Unlike black, white or gray markets, red markets exist in a different category because the product being traded cannot be valued in monetary terms alone. The value of human tissue is the value of life itself, and its costs are paid in blood.


There are the usual things you would expect this book to discuss (i.e.-kidney thieves, black market babies, etc.), but as I got into it I was more shocked than I thought possible at the depravity of mankind as well as the lengths people will go to make money. One particular story was about blood farms. I did not know such a thing existed. My disbelief was such that I had to put the book away for the evening.  I have worked in the medical field my entire life & most of that time was spent in labs with body fluids & parts. You always hear about these things, but it is nothing we see here in America. I respect the author for doing such a great job of investigative journalism & mainstreaming these issues.


I rarely read non-fiction, but this novel was far too intriguing to pass up. I had previously read “Stiff” by Mary Roach & it was very fascinating. Upon stumbling across this book I knew it was similar and had to read it. I am very glad I did! I highly recommend it & it is a short read, so





“Kitchen Confiential” by Anthony Bourdain

pages: 352

Why I read this book: My boss gave this book to me for my birthday, knowing how much I love Anthony Bourdain.

To state first off….Anthony Bourdain is a GOD in my foodie world. The reason? The man spent his childhood in France eating traditional french food and loved it. Early on he was a very adventerous eater and took joy  grossing out his his family by eating things such as raw oysters. Second, he is an older, Sean Connery-esque, handsome man with that bad boy edge. Third, WITTY BANTER-Tony can write astonishingly well.

OK, now on to the book itself. He really does give you a brutal view of the resturant world that most of us would never know about. Tony starts readers at the forefront of what you do not want to hear about where your beloved food comes from and initially I was intimidated to ever eat out again. I also had no idea chefs were such playboys. Apparently they get more ass than most movie stars. Like most hip 20-something punks on a careening spiral to who knows where, Tony is the master.

I do not often read nonfiction, but this was a very fresh and welcome change for me. I enjoyed his writing so much I ordered his sequel to this book ( Nasty Bits ) and will have to try on his fiction as well.