“The Dinner” by Herman Koch

the dinner

Pages: 320

Publish date: October 29, 2013

The reason I read this book is the same reason I read other mainstream novels, favorable criticism. Now I am inclined to say the human race has disappointed me yet again. Now, where to start……..

This is the narrative of a family (2 couples) who are trying to calculate the handling of a heinous crime their teenage sons have committed. Of course, the resolution will affect all of their futures.

I do believe this novel had a lot of potential. The beginning was decent and well paced, but fell flat quickly. The build up to find out what these boys did was intact, but I feel the crime was delivered to the reader too soon. Once you know what transpired, the rest of the book was a complete bore. I thought it would possibly redeem itself once they began addressing the food, but that was worse than their conversation. The main charcater seemed to do nothing but bitch about the meal and service the entire time, so I guess I am not alone with my dissatisfaction!

Overall, I feel the optimal use of this book would be an insect swatter, home insulation, fire starter, doorstop, really anything besides reading.



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