“Horns” By Joe Hill


Pages: 397           Publish Date: February 16, 2010

After reading the synopsis I knew this was a novel I had to decipher, but wasn’t sure what to expect as I had never read anything by this author before. This novel is written by Stephen King’s son Joe Hill (Joe Hillstrom King). I can tell you that he is not as good as his father, but I believe in time he could accomplish the suspense and horror his father contributes to literature. That being said, I am only giving this opinion based on this novel, not of his other two. Joe has two other novels I have not read but will, eventually.

This is a narrative of Ig (our protagonist), his love & loss of a girl, and his spiral into madness. After an immense tragedy, a community is torn & therefore looking for a scapegoat. Throughout the novel Ig is said scapegoat. There are many characters involved that are complex, but none so complex that it takes away from the story. One of my favorite characters is Lee Tourneau. He is everything you hate, but a character developed so perfectly you kind of admire him.

I will never look at a shopping cart the same.

My admiration of Joe Hill is at a 3 ★ (out of 5), but as I said before, he could be the next great suspense / thriller writer of our time. Actually I’m going to add a 4th ★ due to the fact that his movie adaptation was better than any of his father’s.

Ending (yes most important) was somewhat hard to read. I think it is one  that is not absolute. Everyone can philosophize on what it means. So, my dear friends, I will let you draw your own conclusions & leave my hypothesis out of this one.

Au revoir.

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