“Sharp Objects” by Gillian Flynn

Pages: 252         Publish Date: September 26, 2006

I know my last review of a Gillian Flynn novel (“Gone Girl”) wasn’t the greatest, but I decided to give the author another chance. The reasons being I felt she had potential and the areas where her stories are set I am familiar with. Previously I did not speak highly of her as a writer. This novel has been a total redemption of her writing ability, which is striking because this was her debut novel. I now hold Gillian Flynn in a higher esteem than I would most modern-day novelists.


“Sharp Objects” is a story about a woman named Camille, who is a reporter for a newspaper in Chicago. She gets an assignment about a series of murders of young girls due to the fact that they occurred in her hometown. Camille has a history of being a cutter (of a unique variety) and very much dreads the return to see her family, with very good cause. The cast of characters are all believable and relatable, albeit crazy in their respective ways. The emotions and relationships conveyed in this novel are very engaging as well. They seem to be so real in fact, that I wonder how many of the characters are based on actual relationships. She also touches on Munchausen by proxy, which was a nice and rare twist.


I do not wish to divulge any spoilers, so I will leave you with my thoughts on the ending (as usual). There are so many persons of interest that I had trouble deciding who I thought the killer was, but the ending was refreshing and did not embitter me in the least!


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