“Gone Girl” By Gillian Flynn

Gone Girl

Pages: 419      Publish date:  June 2012

I am not one to read mainstream, contemporary fiction much, but after watching this novel get so many excellent  reviews I was intrigued. I will say I can understand the hype (due to the plot) which is a pleasant surprise that I do not experience very often.

Gillian Flynn’s writing style is easily readable, so I can see why the general public fell in love with this novel. Most of the story takes places in Missouri. She captivated the mid-west (which is where I am from). She speaks easily of the monotony of goings-on & delineates the river so well I could smell it. She also did well at describing the mid-westerner’s attitude. They are at the same time laid back & aching for excitement.

Another thing I liked about this novel was that every chapter ended quite suspenseful & the last 100 pages were very fast-paced.  The main character of Amy Dunne was especially well written, which is quite disturbing.

Now on to my aversions with the novel. She uses “thick” as an adjective a few too many times. Also, the ending is VERY anti-climatic. I am an ending girl, so while I may recommend this book to people, I will not read it again.

Overall I liked what to me seemed like the “Abandon all hope, ye who enter” thought of marriage. I think with some fine tuning she will have a promising writing career ahead of her.

I apologize to all of my loyal (& few) followers for my short & less passionate review of this book, but as you can probably tell the novel did not inspire me.


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